Sunday, April 5, 2015

Here a Fiber, There a Fiber, Everywhere a Fiber, Fiber

When DeKalb County School Board members approved 30 year lease agreements that have finally
Comcast Fiber steps  up to compete with Google Fiber
been withdrawn after years of protest and a court case that supported the county's right to uphold its zoning laws, Get the Cell Out was formed to spread the word about what was going on.  One of our complaints to the  now-removed by the Governor board at the time was that technology is changing so quickly that there is no way anyone can predict whether or not cell towers will be allowed, needed or even legal 30 years from now.   Without an "out" clause to protect the taxpayers' investment, what would happen if, let's just say for example, something else came along that was faster and more reliable than wireless?

They had no answer, of course, but it has been only four years, not thirty, and guess what?  Those cell towers are no longer seen as money makers and instead could be losing ground even quicker than we predicted.  Google Fiber announced its plans to connect several areas as test markets and Sandy Springs, Decatur and Avondale Estes were selected.  If all goes well, they are predicting a full scale launch in more cities across the US.     As more events like this one take place across the county, we could easily see ourselves evolving to a society that is  a lot less dependent on cell towers and a lot happier and healthier for it, too!

Comcast offers new product

The announcement that Google Fiber will be moving into the Atlanta market is already creating change for local consumers.

Comcast, for example, the area’s leading high speed internet provider, has announced plans to roll out 2 gig internet service to 1.5 million customers, starting this Spring.

That’s faster than the gigabit internet service Google Fiber plans to offer.

What's better about fiber?

Well, there may be many benefits, but here are just a few:

1.)  Not as easy for hackers to intercept a signal

2.) More reliable point-to-point transmission

3.)  Faster

4.)  Does not emit RF radiation

5.)  Does  not ask for you to give up school grounds to install its equipment.

6.)  Not listed on anything published by the CDC in terms of possible Carcinogens.

7.)  Does not lower property values

8.)  Does not  take advantage of children by seeking space on their playgrounds.

While we still have a lot to learn about how these products work, we are pleased that there are alternatives being brought to market that will challenge wireless for space in the conversation about what's safe and effective and allowed by local zoning.

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